Tree planting simulator codes (December 2021)

About Tree Planting simulator codes: Tree planting simulator game is obviously a very interesting game and even famous across the world. The reason why the game has won such popularity is that the kind of curiosity it gives is rarely found in any game.

This has got its launch through a very famous You Tubers in the Roblox SabrinaBrite & DJ Monopoli.  Here in this game, the player will have to collect the deeds and sell then in the selling area just for purchasing items and upgrades to plant the trees. you can get unlimited simulator codes from here.

Welcome to Official guide of Tree Planting Simulator guide

List of the Planting simulator codes 

If you will have codes you can easily redeem them and play your game. But for that matter, you need to have the Simulator codes. Here is the list of the simulator code which is quite famous –

  • PenguindSquad – If you use to redeem the code,  you getting free 25 coins as a reward.
  • Brite – If you use to redeem the code,  you getting coins but typ4e rightly.
  • Obby – If you use to redeem the code,  you getting free 2000 coins as a reward. It is very simple and easy.
  • Trees – If you use to redeem the code,  you getting the free coins as a reward
  • Blue – If you use to redeem the code,  you getting 25 coins as a reward.
  • TEAMTREES –If you use to redeem the code,  you getting  10 coins as a reward.

Here in the game, you will have to purchase the sapling at the Sapling shop and pant them on the plot.  When you would handle your plants this will grow by gradually and become an individual tree.

When these plants will completely grow this will even drop the seeds! After these things, you can collect those grown plants and keep them in your bag. Then you can even sell these seeds to the bikers for earning coins.

Coins which you have redeemed you can use them to purchase better shovels bags and saplings.  This is how this whole process even makes the game interesting and wanting. Once you redeem the codes you will get to know how wonderful this game is! Sapling is one of wonderful thing and this can be played in the

Final words

You must have understood the rules of the game which is very easy and simple. The very first thing which is needed is to have the codes. You can collect the codes at first and then redeem them. All are different codes from each other and they need to be used soon.

Otherwise, you will not be bale in using them later. Then follow up the process of the sapling and enjoy your good time with plants and earning in the game more and more. This is so easy when your plants grow they bring prosperity for you in disguise of coins.

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