Roblox Image Ids List & Codes

Roblox a popular multiplayer online game and this game which is very similar to Mine craft and it was launched in 2006 and now there are more than 30 million active users for this online game.

In Roblox multiplayer game many multiple games are available and you can choose as per your choice. In this, some games are a little bit scary and violent which will be very suitable for young players and some games will be very easy and interesting for kids. So this game is available for all type of ages.  Here shooting type of games are also available.

Features of this game

Roblox game is completely user-friendly and the players will be very interested to play this game and the players can earn Roblox upgrades by spending their real money.

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This game is available in both PC and mobile devices. Here you can enjoy with your friends to play this game and even you can share these games through social media it is one of the wonderful online platforms where you will feel so relaxed to play this game as Mine craft.

Is this game safe for kids?

This is one of the very popular games which have earned more popularity in the last few years. This game which is available in all smartphones, computer devices and tablets you can use any type of devices to play this game. Mainly this game is attracted by teenagers and children’s.

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This is completely very safe to play mine craft game and now there are 55 million people who play this game every month and also their interest to earn money to purchase Roblox gifts. This Roblox game is one of the very interesting and it is very much attracted by kids and teenagers.

Roblox images Ids

In Roblox game a particular image which mainly used for graphical elements which are known like decals. Here in this game, all the users can create their own category and their own images on the website but they should choose as per the product in the catalogue.

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  • 2483113
  • 2066567
  • 328068887
  • 2013079
  • 141866833

People can even upload pants, t-shirts, shirts extra as per rules given by the administrators. You have one opportunity to create your own image directly without disturbing any elements over here.

A picture which is added to a decal and you can choose if from any of your liked files and the image which will be automatically uploaded which you have chosen.

This is one of the interesting paths in this Roblox game and many of the teenagers and children’s are very much attracted towards this part. Particularly the ID of an image number will be given you as a link and you have to identify that particular image from that number it is one of the interesting facts and people will be very much attracted.

Here let us discuss some of the Roblox image ids which have been provided in the game the ID will be available in the menu which is given by the administrator you have to just copy it and tap the button.

This is just copy paste process which you can do it manually and here are some of the ids and codes are like a hacker girl dresses, face, accessories, shoulder accessories, such as shoulder pets, transport gears, scooters motorcycles extra.

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