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Robloxian High School is one of the popular high school role-playing game developed in August 2016 by Robloxian High School Group which is also said as Red Manta LLC.

As they come up with many updates from the time it was launched, one of the highlighting aspects of the gameplay is the “Avatar”. You have 9000 accessories available in the Roblox’s catalogue that allows you to customize your own Avatar of your style and wish. These avatars are scalable and even resizable so you can create a very unique avatar.

This game has now turned out as one of the fascinating gameplay since the developers have added and upgraded many features like vehicles, maps, clubs, schools and so on.

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Robloxian Highschool Codes


Robloxian Secondary School Codes For Young ladies


Robloxian Secondary School Codes  For Young men


Robloxian High School Gameplay

Initially, in the original map, the game had Dorms but later it was taken off and replaced with a new map and houses in their September 2018 Mega update.

However, on the later update of October 2018 they came up back with the original map were the dorms were replaced with gas stations and bakeries. And the houses were located in the new space near to the skate park. These houses are customizable so you can furnish and decorate it as you start earning coins.

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  • This game has 8 roleplays such as Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Cheerleaders, Athletes, Teachers and Principal. You can pick any role of your wish.
  • This game is not only just about the High School, but this also emerges around a small community or said as the town and the city game that comprises of places like night clubs, swimming pools, science, gym, beach, zip lines, skate park and so on other than the High School location.
  • As you pick your role and do the role-play in the game. Unlike the other ordinary school, here you can use the hang-gliders, the lightweight planes and fly around with no cost after your school and also show off your talent in break-dancing at the dance club “Club Manta” outside the school.
  • You as well have Jetpacks that costs 2000 coins, which you can use it fly around.
  • As you start earning money you can buy a new house, furnish and decorate it as well.
  • This gameplay gets more adventurous as you socialize with new friends, explore the secrets of your school and attend interactive classes and so on. And finally, manage to survive in the event till you graduate.

Rewards & Codes

By earning game money or rewards you can start purchasing new cars, outfits or house of your wish. The players can start earning coins easily in the gameplay by taking up simple tasks like doing jobs in their high school and so on.

You have many kinds of codes available for this game. Like outfit codes, promotional codes, music codes and so on. Players can make use of the codes to get outfits and regalia for young men and ladies.

Roblox Music codes

Final Words

Many sites offer you with the Robloxian High School codes but ensure that you are getting the latest codes and not any expired ones. Always make use of the most recently updated new codes in our site and do follow up on our site for the latest codes, which let you thoroughly enjoy the Robloxian High School experience.

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