Mining Simulator Pets List 2021

All you need to know about Mining Simulator:  we came back to explain Mining Simulator Pets list 2019 in mining simulator game. Mining, The name itself elaborates the work of it. The unsanitary and risky job take a long hour. Some are there to hold the interest in research on earthworks.

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Mining Simulator Pets 2019

However, this may lead to life risk due to the unacquainted knowledge of this work. Is there any way to keep up the interest in mining? Yes! The Simulation games have brought a completely new experience of mining with their exciting games.

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The game has a lot more exciting equipment for entertainment such as backpacks, skin, hats, pets, tools, trails, accessories etc. well, this article is going to cover the portion of mining simulator pets. Let us jump into this!

Mining Simulator pets

Pets are the very interesting compiler of the game Mining simulator. They chase behind their master to furnish the favourable effects such as Ore Value, Mining speed and power. Some of the pets can fly in the game to ready up the accessories. you can know Mining Simulator Codes 2019.

Players can receive their desired pets by trading or hatching eggs. Apart from this, they also can buy some particular packages to get their pets.  At a particular time, players can have one egg or only one pet prepared for the game. Mining simulator provides 247 different pets for the players.

Mining Simulator Pets 2019

Every pet is having different colours of each other, which attract all the eyes of players. If a player can have unlimited various pets then he will be bestowed with a badge of “Super Pet Collector”. Nowadays all the limited pets are being counted by the team.

Origination of mining pets:

The pets are expressed by their efficiency with 1 to 10 levels. These may have tokens for another life and enhance their efficiency levels. If the pets are ascending the next level with the same growth, players can heap all the pets in the game. Reanimation or reborn of pets, specific ores or some amount of blocks are very significant to reach to the next levels.

More the player gains rebirth, blocks, or various ores, more they achieve exceptional and strong pets. All kind of mining pets needs a different number of token for rebirth. Common pets need 1 token was unique, Epic, Legendary pets need 4, 6, 8 rebirth tokens gradually. Mythical pets require 10 Tokens for rebirth, which is the highest among all the pets.

Shiny Mining simulator pets:

On 31-8-2018, a new type of pets (shiny pets) had been introduced to the worlds. Every hatchable egg holds 1% of the scope to perform as a shiny pet. Players may have 2% scope to make their pets shiny with the Inferno Pack and Darkness Pack.

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The beautiful shiny pets exhibit their dazzling nature with their golden backs. Developers only provide these valuable shiny limited pets.

Stat of Mining Simulator Game:

The efficiency stat of the game is counted by the ore value of the pet, power and the mining speed. Shiny pets emit a high level of efficiency compared to other embodiment. Efficiency stat increases in the game like several normal stats.

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Hope Now you know well about the mining simulator pets. If there is any other information, you can enhance our article with your valuable comments in the blank box.  Thank You!

List of Mythical Pets

Following Mythical Pets List Available here.

List Key

Name: Italic+Underline = Unavailable R$ Item
Stats: Bold = Best stat in category/tier Underline = Worst stat in category/tier

Zombie Oof

  • Ore Value: x2.50 (x4.00)
  • Mining Speed: x2.60 (x3.00
  • Mining Power: x2.30 (x4.05)
  • Total Efficiency: 14.95 (48.60


  • Ore Value: x2.50 (x4.30)
  • Mining Speed: x2.50 (x4.30)
  • Mining Power: x2.80 (x4.40)
  • Total Efficiency:  16.80 (81.36)


  • Ore Value: x2.20 (x3.20)
  • Mining Speed: x3.20 (x4.20)
  • Mining Power: x3.10 (x4.60)
  • Total Efficiency:   21.82 (61.82)


  • Ore Value: x2.00 (x2.90)
  • Mining Speed:  x2.00 (x3.10)
  • Mining Power: x1.90 (x2.80)
  • Total Efficiency:  7.60 (25.17)


  • Ore Value: x2.20 (x3.20)
  • Mininig Speed:  x2.30 (x3.40)
  • Power:  x2.20 (x2.90)
  • Total Efficiency:   11.13 (31.55)

Santa Oof

  • Ore Value: x2.10 (x3.10)
  • Mining Speed:  x3.20 (x4.50)
  • Power:  x3.10 (x4.45)
  • Total Efficiency: 20.83 (62.08)


  • Ore Value: x2.10 (x2.90)
  • Speed: x3.05 (x4.20)
  • Power:  x3.10 (x4.70)
  • Total Efficiency: 19.86 (57.25)


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