Build a Boat For Treasure Codes 2021

A game completely running on codes of treasure search to manage with the player’s tricks to play the game. The boat for treasure code is run by Roblox which is a huge multiplayer online and is a sincere game creator with a huge platform allowing users to design their own games and play a wide variety of games. Among which the boat for treasure codes is a famous one. you can get build a board for treasure codes list.

Table of Contents

The secret boxes

There are a good number of boxes with letters around the map every day for some time. These have a letter on them which will lead to a code being found. It’s the player who knows how the code is going to work. As the code before the last letter is released and then the code cannot be redeemed.

There are certain features in the game likely used for redeeming the code. When the player clicks on the box, there will be a time to show up and tell how much of time is left until the next box appears. These can be like e, a, r l, y, blank space, g, I, f, t and many others. These codes are revealed as the early gift to reward as the present. Build a Boat For Treasure Codes available here.


The games specify with codes and there are some features of the codes which are stated as:-

  • Chests – refers to a common chest, uncommon chest, rare chest, epic, legendary and black chest.
  • Boating and building- refers to anchor block, boats, blocks, build tools, building space, launch the boat, merging, painting tool, PVP mode, remove a tool, saving slot, sharing mode, teams and treasures.
  • Team – manages with a black team, blue team, green, and magenta, orange, red, white and yellow team.
  • Quests- refers to the target, ramp, rings, soccer ball quest, find me, dragon, the boss, the box, the cloud, skeleton boss quest.
  • Other features are like- badges, block weight, bugs and glitches, candy, codes, game passes, ghost, squid, gold, isolation mode, obstacles, sand, stages, treasure, water, member, mega member, royal member.
  • The removed ones are – orange team, saving slot C( game pass), saving slot D, saving slot E, the boss, black chest, skeleton boss quest, blue present quest.

The worthy’s plushie

It’s an item hidden in the map in the build a boat for treasure which is obtained by shooting open the door of the back right hut using the cannons in the jungle terrain. The trivia can be disclosed with the terms easily revealing.

  • The block is plushie of the worthy one. And the heavier block is set in the back than the front causing it to fall backwards when placed unanchored.
  • When placed near or next to the mystery block, it becomes shiny and reflects blue as opposed to turning gold like other blocks.
  • This is the first plushie that was added to the game and worthy is obtained with the plushie legitimately on a public BABFT server.


It’s an amazing game that manages to be played with the codes and makes your time best with the gaming online. I hope to Build a Boat For Treasure Codes will be very helpful for who are searching for Build a board for treasure.



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