Brown dust tier list 2021

The brown dust game features with a lot of mercenaries and characters in the game. The characters are the ones who make the game special in every manner. These are the warriors, defenders, magicians and supporters who can be used on the battleground for beating the enemy.

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This would indeed be useful in concentrating on the best characters in the brown dust game rather than increasing the unnecessary and low-grade units. For the beginners, the brown dust tier list is going to assist in picking the best characters for the team.

For certain reason, it is necessary to remember certain thing which signifies the best of character that is not always easy to obtain.

Brown Dust Tier List

The reason behind that is some of the legendary characters which cannot be bought, so if you are lucky to begin the game with the legendary character then you are good to go.

Levia – magician – 10/10 legened
Mary – supporter – 9.5/10
Edin – warrior – 9.5/10
Velfern – magician – 10/10 (legened)
Seir – defender – 10/10 legend

Brown Dust – 5 Stars Character

S Tier List

Venaka – Supporter
Seir – Defender
Angelica – Warrior – (Legend Character)
Levia – Magician – (Legend Character)
Lucius – Defender – (Legend Character)
Velfern – Magician – (Legend Character)
Refithea – Supporter – (Legend Character)
Beliath – Supporter – (Legend Character)
Valze – Warrior – (Legend Character)
Mary – Supporter
Veronia – Supporter
Arkan – Defender
Lillian – Magician
Aaron – Defender

A Tier List

  • Edin – Warrior
  • Siegmund – Warrior
  • Themis – Supporter
  • Alec – Warrior
  • Granhildr – Defender
  • Celia – Magician
  • Foxy – Warrior
  • Jin – Warrior
  • Ventana – Warrior
  • Cecilia – Defender
  • Seto – Warrior – (Legend Character)
  • Zenith – Defender
  • Floria – Supporter
  • Aie – Magician
  • Dalvi – Warrior
  • Asmode – Supporter – (Legend Character)
  • Mamonir – Defender – (Legend Character)
  • Nartas – Magician – (Legend Character)

B Tier List

  • Gunther – Warrior
  • Elija – Warrior
  • Glacia – Warrior
  • Deomaron – Defender
  • Anubis – Magician
  • Michaela – Supporter
  • Christina – Warrior
  • Bathory – Magician
  • Dwen – Warrior
  • Eleanner – Warrior
  • Victor – Warrior
  • Rogan – Warrior
  • Ymir – Warrior

C – Tier List

  • Astrid – Defender
  • Rafina – Defender
  • Claudia – Magician
  • Vermont – Defender
  • Garinoth – Magician
  • Hinjin – Magician
  • Valtor – Magician
  • Gloria – Defender
  • Sabrina – Supporter
  • Barbara – Warrior
  • Kaoli – Defense
  • Kaina – Warrior


The age of great mercenaries now begin with the creation of the ultimate team and strike down the enemies.

  • Captivating and stunning artwork- experience the high-quality illustrations that you have never seen before.
  • Meet brown dust’s charming mercenaries with this.
  • Over 300 mercenaries and a variety of skills – classic turn-based battle system with grid-based movement.
  • All the mercenaries would reach the maximum level and the highest rank. Jump into the real strategy and start recruiting the powerful mercenaries.
  • With the game experience the thrilling battle with hundreds of strategies depending on the type of mercenaries formation attack order. You can also form your ultimate team and enjoy the real strategic battle.
  • The various modes are like arena, rune temple and many more.
  • You can experience a deep and exciting adventure storyline.
  • There are more than 800 stages to clear.
  • You can also collect five different runes to upgrade mercenaries abilities.
  • Gather awakening materials for your mercenaries.
  • Get ancient coins and various rewards.
  • Battle for victory. The thrilling battle with other players.
  • With the guild war, you can crush your enemy and fight against each other for your guild. This is possible with the brown dust tier list.

The brown dust source

This is one of the recently released gacha game which includes exciting features. This offers a fun adventure and successfully combines the beauty of waifu girls and RPG mechanics.

But this is like the most gacha games of Asian origin, there are a lot of systems and features to learn. If you haven’t played a similar game before, it may take quite a long time to understand and what you should do.

Reroll infinitely

When you are starting brown dust for the first time. There are two items are sent to your mailbox. There are 10 scrolls and one 5 stars random mercenary ticker.

You can summon 3-5 star heroes with the premium scrolls. These tickets allow you to summon a random mercenary which guaranteed to be 5 stars.

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